Martijn Balsters - Guitar

Tilburg - The Netherlands

My “big personal revelation” presented itself in 1988, when the legendary Monsters of Rock festival took place at the stadium of my favorite football club, in my hometown Tilburg.

Although I wasn’t officially attending the show, I was completely grabbed by the loud music that I could hear at home from a distance. Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Kiss, David Lee Roth.. this was it for me! From that day, I started to collect records, visited tons of concerts and started to take guitar lessons.

It’s almost 30 years later now. In the meanwhile, I had the privilege to be part of some mighty fine bands. Some people might know me from Forever Times, The Dust Connection (progressive metal), Up The Irons (Iron Maiden tribute) and Unchained Reality (thrash metal). In most cases, with Robert and Sander as bandmates. In addition, I’m the co-founder and organizer of ProgPower Europe, an international progressive metal festival since 1999.

Needless to say, I’m very happy to be part of this new adventure! Once again, I’m reunited with old friends and musical companions. On top of that, I get to know new talented people, such as JW and Frank. Looking forward to our cooperation and silly jokes..

Let it all begin!


Robert Spaninks - Drums/Recording, mixing and mastering@RoMusic Oisterwijk - The Netherlands


Music is simply a part of my life! I started playing drums at the age of eight and just never stopped. Started in local (rock) cover bands to learn how to play and record tunes and always took lessons to develop my playing during that period.

The best memories are the lessons at Steve Clovers house, a very well-known and respected jazz drummer.

I have always been active in the music industry, as a drummer or as a live or recording engineer. From my age of 17 onwards I’ve been playing from local bars to major venues and festivals. You may know me from playing and recording with bands like Forever Times, The Dust Connection, Up The Irons, SeriouS and The Last Element to name a few.

I’ve first met Sander in 2000 when he joined The Dust Connection. After that band has been put to sleep, but we always stayed in contact.

I’m honored that Sander and JW have asked me to play and record my drums for their debut album. Very cool that I had the freedom to use whatever drums from my collection to create and record the sound that you are listening to now in my own studio.

Thanks for having me! Hope you’ll enjoy it! Play it loud!

Cheers, Robert.

Ronald Martens - Guitar

Hilvarenbeek - The Netherlands

As of my childhood I was always fascinated by loud distorted guitar music.My father was a real Elvis fan, so Elvis and his band already brought some nice guitar riffs and rock ‘n roll music. My father also was a semiprofessional Super 8 movie maker. For his movies he used lots of music from Ennio Morricone and Pink Floyd. That was my entrance to psychedelic rock and ambiance music. Combine those two and you get a lot of musical possibilities.

In the late seventies I was intrigued by KISS. It was like a Marvel series with the make-up and lots of merchandise. I remember first opening the double KISS Alive II album. What a stage! That’s when I thought, “I want that too”..

Years went by and a lot of bands I was part of. I made my way through the Music school, but unfortunately did not move on to the Conservatory. That’s the thing I regret in my life, if there is one to come up with.

Lots of music went by in all those years… Still love to listen to Dream Theater, IQ, Pagan’s Mind, Steve Vai, but also good old rock like Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Thunder and so on. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is on my most favorite list.

When Sander came up to me to participate on his new album, I didn’t hesitate and instantly said YES..

I want to join him and the fellow musicians to make this album a piece to be proud of.

I want to thank Robert for helping me out with the recordings and mixing.

Frank Strokap – Bass Guitar

Zijtaart - The Netherlands

Frank Strokap doesn’t like biographies. He doesn’t like to talk about himself. Frank rather lets his bass guitar talk. So when I offered him to write something for him, he gladly accepted.

Frank Strokap is not an ordinary bass player. Frank is Rock, Soul, Jazz, Prog, 80’s and he is incredibly creative. Frank simply knows what exactly to do in each song.

I know Frank since we started touring together with TOMMY live in Concert by The Classic Rock Show.

Every show he bravely crawls into John Alec Entwistle’s skin. Frank was a very solid and reliable pillar in The Classic Rock Show’s rhythm section.

The names of people and bands Frank worked with is endless: KungFunk, Anne van der Heijden, Romi Cage, 

Ad van Meurs aka The Watchman, Hill Dilly, Solskin, Wolff and the list goes on and on…

Since 2019 Frank tours throughout The Netherlands with the amazing Symphonic Rock Night.

We’re very proud to have Frank Strokap on board on this great adventure!!

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