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The Source (2011)

In another world, not our mortal world, souls are living like us, an eternal life forever….

The artist who painted the cover of our album

is Vivi Hoffmanns

The title of the painting is “The Source”.

Vivi created the painting in 2011 and was inspired by Marillion’s beautiful song Estonia, based on The Estonian-flagged passenger ferry "ESTONIA", that sank on September, 28th 1994 in the Baltic Sea leaving over 850 people to die.

“Destination Eternity” is a concept album about the journey of a soul to its final destination. Like the painting perfectly symbolizes the disaster at sea and the beautiful song written about it, “The Source” also symbolizes live and death and becoming a better soul along that journey.

(Thanks also to Maartje Lindeman who is the current owner of the painting) 

Vivi Hoffmanns is a versatile artist.

She creates sculptures and conventional paintings and

parts of Vivi's life story have been written down in books and magazines. In 2013 she found a new passion in her creative life; the airbrush. She continued improving her skills to higher levels.

In 2015 she won the 3rd price in an European Airbrush contest with an awesome John Petrucci portrait. Besides art Vivi is also an enormous music-lover.

When you combine these two passions, the result are numerous awesome portraits and some of them of famous musicians.

More information about Vivi can be found here:

Responsible for the creation of our logo and artwork is

Mark van den Hoven of Blacklake design.

Just one look at his portfolio and the list of bands and artists Blacklake created artwork for proves how talented Mark is. Needless to say that we are honored that Mark was willing to help us out despite his insane schedule

More information about Mark and BLACKLAKE

can be found here: and

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